Anastasia and Christian met a long while ago, and things back then were also a lot different. Their first encounter itself sparked a connection between them, one that changed their lives completely. The movie fifty shades freed full movie entirely revolves around Christian Grey, the rich and wealthy businessman and his wife, Anastasia Grey to whom he has only recently been married.

The movie watch fifty shades freed starts off with their honeymoon phase which they spend in Europe They believe that it has been a long time and they have finally let go of all their dark past, all complications and issues and can finally live a free life where they arenít bothered by every other person around them. However, they are wrong.

Anastasia finally confesses to Christian that too often she feels to trapped because Christian can turn out to be a little too controlling, more so than Ana finds comfortable. As he hears it all, he organizes a trip that they can go to along with their friends to ease and calm down the situation that is making Ana feel tied up.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, fifty shades of freed Ana finds out that she is pregnant, which leads Christian to flip out and walk out the door because he believes she did so on purpose.

People from the past are still onto them, ready to see revenge for what the Greys have done to them. Jack Hyde, who was previously Anaís boss is finally let out of the prison. A big role is simultaneously played by Elena Lincoln who bothers the couple even further. Jack Hyde blackmails Ana into kidnapping Mia if she does not give a sum of money to him- which was $5 Million. He also threatened that if she told anyone about the same, he would kill Mia. A violent fight follows in which Ana is also injured while trying to attack Jack and shoot him straight in the leg. Their lives are temporarily in danger which is only saved by a testification against their enemy.

Towards the end of the movie, fifty shades freed full movie download when everything is finally sorted out and things are back to normal, the couple expects a child and then another one, a boy and then a girl respectively, finally heading towards a happy ending. Christian also finds out that Jack and him are in fact related since they were once a part of the same foster home, way back in their early childhood.